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Buying for Baby Where to Begin

Babies may be small bundles of joy, but there is nothing small about the amount of furniture and gear it takes to keep them safe and healthy. The number of options, features, and mixed reviews make buying the right items difficult for many people. Everything from the seemingly small decisions to the more complex purchases like cribs and strollers can all combine to become an insurmountable challenge. To make it easier, it is often best to focus on one or two items at a time rather than staring down a lengthy list of must-haves. With that in mind, here are some ideas about two very important pieces of baby gear.


When purchasing a monitor, it is easier to choose from the top baby monitors when parents are able to narrow down, specifically, what features they feel are needed. Parents can choose audio or video monitors, two-way audio, those that connect to a mobile app, and even monitors with temperature sensors. Fixed cameras are available as are movable versions that make it possible to have a 360-degree view of the nursery. Some allow constant video streaming while others photograph a single image. Parents should consider how elaborate or simple they prefer their system to be and then review only the brands that meet their specifications. When selecting any monitor, make certain it offers multi-channels and Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to avoid interference.

Parents who are wondering where to buy cribs for the best options and prices should consider shopping online. This makes it easy to view recall information, research reviews, and have a much larger selection than in a department store. Always purchase a new crib that meets all current safety regulations and is stable and durably designed to prevent any risk of breakage. Purchase crib mattresses that are the exact fit for the specific crib to prevent any risk of injury to the baby. Drop-side designs should be avoided because of the increased risk of harm to the infant.

Reviewing safety features and ratings may seem too time-consuming, but it is an important step to making a home truly baby-proof. By selecting quality items that are well made it ensures the products will last throughout the time they are needed and many will be acceptable for passing down to future siblings.

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